January 9, Lisbon
Souldrama at Transpersonal Development Training at ISPA

April 15-17, Paris
Introductory Workshop of Transgenerational Therapy with Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger International School of Transgenerational Therapy

May 7, Oporto
Sociodrama in Education at Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicodrama

May 28-29, Málaga, Spain
Souldrama Workshop, Universidade de Málaga July 2, Lisbon Somatodrama Workshop with Pamela Goffman

July 19-24, Carcavelos
Transgenerational Therapy Training with Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger International School of Transgenerational Therapy

August 1-7, Aljezur, Algarve
Workshop " Transgenerational Psychodrama" with Manuel Peixoto at Clube dos Prazeres

October 7-9, Carcavelos
Souldrama Workshop with Connie Miller

October 15-16, Lisboa
First Module of training Course of Introduction to Psychodrama and Sociodrama at Serviço à Comunidade at Faculdade de Psicologia da Universidade de Lisboa

October 28-30, Budapest
Transcultural Intervision Psychodrama

November 11-12, Lisbon
Workshop Psychogenealogy at Clube dos Prazeres

November 18-20, Baião
Paper Presentation and Workshop of Psychogenealogy at Congresso Português de Psicodrama

December 28-30, Chenai, India
Psychodrama Training with Jorge Burmeister


January 24, ISPA, Lisbon, Portugal
Transgenerational Psychodrama, Souldrama e Sociodrama

February 26-27, Pamplona, Spain
Transgenerational Psychodrama

March 28 Koln, Germany
Transgenerational Psychodrama

April 17 - 19, Paris
Launching of International School Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger of Transgenerational Therapy with Conference with Anne Schutzenberger, Yaacov Naor, Leandra Perrotta and Manuela Maciel International School Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger of Transgenerational Therapy

May 1-3, Bonn, Germany
FEPTO Psychodrama Conference

June 18 - 21, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal
Sociodrama Workshops at Festival Be-In

June 27-28, Carcavelos, Portugal
Somatodrama Workshop with Pamela Hoffman (Florida, USA)

July 6 -12, Torino, Italy
Summer School – International School Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger of Transgenerational Therapy

September, Rovinia, Croácia
Transgenerational Psychodrama Workshop Pre IAGP Congress

September 12, Lisbon, Portugal
Institutional Sociodrama at Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicodrama

Octobre 4 -11, Kos, Greece
Workshop and Presentation at V Interantional Conference of Sociodrama

16 a 22 de Novembro, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil
Transgenerational Psychodrama Workshops



November 2013- February 2014, Lisbon , Portugal
Coordenation and 2 Trainings at Advanced psychodrama Training at the Psychology University- ISPA

6-18 January 2014, Cairo, Egipt
Psychogenealogy workshop in the 1st African Congress of Group Psychotherapy

1 February 2014, Lisbon, Portugal
Souldrama – training at Psychology University of Lisbon - ISPA

22-23 February 2014, Miami, Florida, USA
Transgenerational and Psychogenealogy Workshop

August 2014 , Rio de Janeiro and S. Paulo, Brazil

Psychogenealogy Training - Level I

August 2014, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Workshop Psychogenealogy and Transgenerational Psychodrama

27-28 August 2014, London, UK
Transgenerational Pre-Conference Workshop and Presentation at the Empowering Practice: Integrating psychodrama, sociodrama and other modalities


11-14 April 2013, Washington DC, USA
Workshop Transgenerational Psychodrama na Conferência da ASGPP

18-20 April 2013, Santander, Spain
FEPTO Intervision Group (TIP)

4 - 5 May 2013, Madrid, Spain
Workshop Transgenerational Psychodrama

18-20 Agosto 2013, Rio de janeiro, Brazil
Transgenerational Workshop at Delphos

21-24 August 2013, S. Paulo, Brazil
Transgenerational workshop at 2nd International transgenerational Conference

28-29 September 2013, Eranos, Switzerland
Workshop de Psicodrama Transgeracional com Vanda Druetta
Apresentação Psicodrama Transgeracional na Psicoterapia Individual

4 -8 de September 2013, Iseo, Italy
Workshop and International Consultant of IV International Sociodrama Conference

19 October, 7 December 2013 | 15 February, 14 June 2014, Madrid

23 November 2013, Sevilla, Espanha
Workshop "Reconocer nuestros legados familiares positivos y negativos
a través del Psicodrama Transgeracional y Simbólico"
Manuela Maciel e Irene Henche

14 December 2013, Paris, France
Atelier"Le Psychodrame transgénérationnel avec le "Co - inconscient» de la famille élargie"



February 11, Porto, Portugal
Dramatic Games at Portuguese Society of Psychodrama

February 25, Lisbon, Portugal
Souldrama in Post-Graduation Psychology in Lisbon (ISPA)

March 9-10, Lisbon, Portugal
Transgenerational Workshop at Analytical Psychodrama Congress

March 16-18, Nicosia, North Cyprus
Presentation about Psychogenealogy at Transgenerational Conference

March 20, Istambul, Turkey
Workshop on Sociodrama and Societry

April 12-13, Madrid, Spain
Transgenerational Workshop

May 5, Lisbon, Portugal
Institutional Sociodrama at Portuguese Society of Psychodrama

May 26-27, Oeiras, Portugal
Seminar of Simbolic Psychodrama - with Irene Henche

September 28-30, Insbruck, Austria
Transgenerational Psychodrama Workshop

October 13-14, Lisbon, Portugal
Psychogenealogy and Transgenerational Psychodrama Workshop

December 13-15, Torres Vedras, Portugal
Societry Retreat with Edward Schreiber and Christian de La Huerta (USA) at Quinta da Enxara


February 12 2011, Lisbon, Portugal
"Transgenerational Psychodrama" Psychodrama Advanced Course, University Psychology, ISPA

March 5, 2011, Lisbon, Portugal
"Souldrama" in the Pos-Graduation Psychology of Consciousness, University of Psychology, ISPA

March 10-14 2011, Cyprus

Transgenerational and Souldrama Training in the north of Cyprus

April 1-3 2011, Jerusalem, Israel
Workshop " Transgenerational Psychodrama" at Post-FEPTO Meeting Conference

April 16-17 2011, Carcavelos, Lisbon
Workshop " Transgenerational Psychodrama and Souldrama"

May 20-21 2011
"Sociodrama for Change Skills" to leadres of sustainable development in the Municipality of Cascais with Universidade Católica, Cascais,Portugal

May 26-29 2011, Palmela, Arrábida, Portugal
"Sociodrama and Sociatry Retreat" with Ed Schreiber and Christian de La Huerta (USA)

June 6-10 2011, Granada, Spain
Workshop " Transgenerational and Souldrama" at Summer Academy of Groups of Granada, Spain

September 16-18 2011, Insbruck, Austria
Workshop "Transgenerational Psychodrama"


IAGP Board Meeting and AGPA Conference,
9 - 16 February 2009

Workshop on Transgenerational Psychodrama,
21 February 2009, Palermo, Italy

Workshop and Presentation about Sociodrama on the Second International Sociodrama Conference,
5 - 8 March 2009, Stockholm, Sweden

Supervision about Sociodrama,
11 - 12 March 2009, Stockholm, Sweden

Souldrama at UNIPAZ,
14 -15 March 2009, Lisbon, Portugal

Transgenerational Psychodrama,
25 - 26 April 2009, S.Paulo, Brazil

Iberoamerican Congress of Psychodrama,
1 - 8 May 2009, Quito, Equador

Souldrama and Transgenerational Psychodrama, ISPA,
13 May 2009, Lisbon, Portugal

Workshop on Transgenerational Psychodrama, IAGP Summer Academy,
8 - 12 June 2009, Granada, Spain

Workshops and Presentations at IAGP Congress,
24 - 28 August 2009, Rome, Italy



Workshop “Transgenerational Psychodrama”,
Amsterdam , February 8-9, 2008

Workshop “Transgenerational Psychodrama and Conflicts” in IAGP/SEPTG
Barcelona, February 28- March 2, 2008

FEPTO Meeting about Sociodrama,
Edimburg, Scotland, April 2 – 6, 2008

Workshop Transgenerational Psychodrama, ASGPP Conference, San Antonio, Texas, USA, April 10-14, 2008

Ibero American Psychodrama Congress,
Quito, Equador, May 1-4, 2008

Workshop Transgenerational Psychodrama Group
Psychotherapy Congress in Bergama and Istambul
Turkey, May 28-31, 2008

Workshop Transgenerational Psychodrama in AIPSIM,
Milano, November 8-9, 2008

Workshop Transgenerational Psychodrama in Portuguese Psychodrama Conference ,
Lisbon, Portugal November 29 – December 1, 2008



18-24 Janeiro 2007, Boughton, Palco Moreno, Nova Iorque
“Souldrama and Transgenerational Psychodrama”

21-22 de Abril 2007,
Turim, Itália
“Transgenerational Psychodrama”

3-6 de Maio 2007, Corunha, Espanha
“Transgenerational Psychodrama” Workshop e Apresentação “Challenges for Psychodrama in the World” na VI Conferência
Ibero-Americana de Psicodrama”

18-24 de Maio 2007
, Tinos, Grécia
“Transgenrational Psychodrama Workshop”

16 de Junho 2007, Quinta dos Lobos, Sintra, Portugal
Palestra “Psicodrama e Psicoterapia de Grupo"

8 de Julho 2007, Galeria Matos Ferreira, Lisboa, Portugal
Psicodrama Público: "O jornal vivo"

7-11 de Agosto 2007, S. Paulo, Brasil
“Souldrama and Transgenerational Psychodrama”

20-30 de Agosto 2007, Amesterdão, Holanda
Workshop de “Transgenerational Psychodrama” e IAGP Board Meeting

22-23 de Setembro 2007, Lisboa, Portugal
Workshop ALUBRAT “Psicodrama Transgeracional e Souldrama”

5 -11 de Outubro 2007, Carcavelos, Portugal
“Souldrama and Transgenertional Psychodrama"

12-14 de Outubro 2007, Lisboa, Portugal
Conferência Internacional de Sociodrama

10-11 de Novembro 2007, Milão, Itália
Workshop de Psicodrama Transgeracional